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March 02, 2021

Get to Know HNL Lab Medicine

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February 28, 2021

Dr. Ronald Walsh’s Spotlight Interview with Laboratory Economics

Read Dr. Walsh’s full interview and his response to HNL’s current position with COVID-19 testing ... Read Interview

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February 17, 2021

HNL Lab Medicine Core Values

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February 08, 2021

Now Accepting – AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania

HNL Lab Medicine is now available to ALL AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania patients for all your lab service needs.

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February 01, 2021

Healthcare Professionals

Now Available - Request a Courier Pickup Online

Healthcare Professionals for your convenience request a courier pickup online.

This new form will allow you to easily and quickly send a request online for an HNL Lab Medicine courier to pick up your specimens.

Request a Pickup Now

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Phlebotomy School Scholarship Program

HNL Lab Medicine is pleased to announce its 1st Phlebotomy School Scholarship Program!

The program is a joint effort between HNL Lab Medicine's Education Department and its Leadership Team to meet the growing need for more health care professionals trained in drawing blood and collecting specimens for laboratory testing.

HNL Lab Medicine supports programs that grant scholarships to qualified phlebotomy applicants within its Phlebotomy School.

Three scholarships, of $1,000 each, will be awarded by HNL Lab Medicine to selected students pursuing their Feb. 1, 2021, Phlebotomy School Program.

Applications are due by Dec. 31, 2020.

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