Dr. Ikhlas Darkhalil named Clinical Laboratory Scientific Director at Health Network Laboratories (HNL Lab Medicine)

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February 12, 2020

Health Network Laboratories Appoints Dr. Ikhlas Darkhalil as Laboratory Chief Operating Officer and Integrations Officer

Health Network Laboratories (HNL) is pleased to announce Ikhlas Darkhalil, Ph.D., NRCC, FAAC, has been named Clinical Laboratory Scientific Director. In this role, she will lead and grow laboratory operations, with a focus on investigating and developing new assays and implementing innovative technologies to expand the company’s testing capabilities.  

“Dr. Darkhalil’s depth of experience and strategic vision will be an asset to HNL as we continue on our mission to advance our technologies and capabilities in medical diagnostic testing,” said Matt Sorrentino, Acting President and CEO of HNL.
With an expertise in scientific strategic direction, quality assurance and operational productivity, Dr. Darkhalil is enthusiastic about her new role and poised to lead the clinical laboratory team through future progression, as new testing methodology is implemented and made available to patients and healthcare providers.  

“The future of medical diagnostic testing is exciting because the industry continues to advance and technology continues to evolve,” said Dr. Darkhalil. “The key to success is in responsible selection of test methodology that is appropriate for the clinical use of test results. It is important for diagnostic testing to provide actionable information to caregivers, leading to improved disease screening and prevention strategies, which ultimately leads to more appropriate and timely treatments, lower costs and better outcomes for patients.”

Dr. Darkhalil’s experience in previous roles makes her uniquely suited for this position, as she has provided technical leadership and strategic road mapping for all laboratory activities while leading staff in on-time delivery of innovative, high-quality, time-critical laboratory initiatives.

Dr. Darkhalil received her doctoral degree from the University of Missouri in analytical/physical chemistry and holds a master’s degree of business administration in healthcare management from Walden University. Prior to joining HNL, she served as Laboratory Technical and Operations Director for Quest Diagnostics, where she was responsible for chemistry, coagulation, endocrinology, toxicology, hematology and urinalysis laboratory functions. She also served previously as Laboratory Technical and Operations Director for a private laboratory in Louisiana and as Lead Supervisory Scientist for Eurofins Scientific in Missouri.

Media Contact: Leanne Aquino