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Common Lab Tests

Questions About My Results

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I have a question about my results. What should I do?

You should talk to the healthcare provider who ordered the test. This person will have the most complete picture of your health based on your physical exam, medical history and the results of your lab tests.


Some tests may require preapproval by insurance providers in order for a plan to cover it. This approval process is called preauthorization. Preauthorization is defined by healthcare.gov as,
"A decision by your health insurer or plan that a lab test is medically necessary. Your health insurance or plan may require preauthorization for certain services before you receive them, except in an emergency. Preauthorization isn't a promise your health insurance or plan will cover the cost."

If your test requires preauthorization here are some facts to consider: 
  • Your healthcare professional needs to file for preauthorization
  • Tests that require preauthorization depend upon your insurance provider and the plan with which you participate
  • If you do not have the appropriate preauthorization paperwork (or the identifying preauthorization number) for a test that requires it, HNL Lab Medicine will not be able to collect a specimen
  • If you have an order from your healthcare professional for multiple tests and some do not require preauthorization, HNL Lab Medicine will be able to process the remaining orders


HNL Lab Medicine experts can verify preauthorization if your healthcare professional has already received electronic approval.
Regrettably, we cannot contact your healthcare professional on your behalf.
Please contact your healthcare professional or insurance provider for more information about preauthorization and how to get it. If you have questions that are not related to securing preauthorization, please call HNL Lab Medicine Customer Care at 1-877-402-4221.

For more information on laboratory testing visit labtestsonline.org.