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March 02, 2021

Get to Know HNL Lab Medicine

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February 28, 2021

Dr. Ronald Walsh’s Spotlight Interview with Laboratory Economics

Read Dr. Walsh’s full interview and his response to HNL’s current position with COVID-19 testing ... Read Interview

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February 17, 2021

HNL Lab Medicine Core Values

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February 08, 2021

Now Accepting – AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania

HNL Lab Medicine is now available to ALL AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania patients for all your lab service needs.

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February 01, 2021

Healthcare Professionals

Now Available - Request a Courier Pickup Online

Healthcare Professionals for your convenience request a courier pickup online.

This new form will allow you to easily and quickly send a request online for an HNL Lab Medicine courier to pick up your specimens.

Request a Pickup Now

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HNL Lab Medicine Core Values

HNL Lab Medicine Core Values

At HNL Lab Medicine, our Core Values are the fundamental beliefs that unify our team.

HONESTY: You are known for candor, authenticity, transparency, and treating people with respect
You debate constructively, speak to people directly to resolve issues, and are willing to have difficult conversations in the spirit of mutual trust and benevolent intent.

ACCOUNTABILITY: You take responsibility for results and learn from experiences
You are willing to make tough decisions and take smart risks. You don't deflect responsibility or finger-point. You are proactive, learn from mistakes, and own results completely.

AGILITY: You are curious, proactive, innovative, and strive to improve everyday
You keep us nimble by minimizing complexity and taking action, challenging the status quo, and finding better solutions to continuously improve our outcomes.

COLLABORATION: You focus on innovating together and extend your efforts beyond your role
You listen well, compromise, and are considered a great partner. The sum of joint efforts leads to superior results, and you always maintain a safe and secure environment.

COMPASSION: You act in the best interest of your co-workers, partners, and customers
You are kind and care about the well-being of everyone that you work with and for. You stay calm, show respect and foster a sense of belonging for all.