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September 27, 2023

The Basics of Cholesterol: Understanding its Role in Your Health

Almost 2 in 5 adults have high cholesterol, which puts them at risk for serious health conditions like heart disease and stroke¹.

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September 12, 2023

Lab Tests for Healthy Aging

Curious about staying youthful? The secret is a healthy lifestyle. It is never too late to get started!

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September 01, 2023

Celebrating Compassion and Collaboration: HNL Lab Medicine and NCC’s Back-to-School Pantry Drive

In a heartwarming display of unity and generosity, HNL Lab Medicine is thrilled to share the exciting news of its partnership with Northampton Community College (NCC) for a remarkable Back-to-School Pantry Drive.

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August 28, 2023

Martin K. Till Featured on Health Care Power List

Martin K. Till, President and CEO of HNL Lab Medicine, has been named a top leader on Lehigh Valley Business’ Health Care Power List.  

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August 16, 2023

Why Blood Tests Are Important for Children: Top Tests Explained

Blood tests are diagnostic tools that help pediatricians assess your child’s health. 

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News and Stories

December 20, 2021

It was an image fresh out of a holiday storybook – colorfully wrapped, ribbon-tied packages covering floors and table tops. But the setting wasn’t the usual cozy homestead, rather the bustling HNL Lab Medicine headquarters transformed into a sea of love and generosity.

Most of all it was an incredible source of joy for the hundreds of caring employees who participated in the company’s first onsite “angel tree” donation drive to bring cheer to Lehigh Valley area children this holiday season.

By Dec. 25, 75 local children will open their surprises – more than 1,500 gifts in total – from HNL Lab Medicine employees from around the region who purchased and prepared these gifts with that vision in mind.

“The response from our employees was overwhelming, in a wonderful way,” said Tiffani Blevins, HNL Lab Medicine executive assistant, who conceived and ran the effort.

Blevins said within 24 hours of setting up the angel tree in the cafeteria, all the gift tags were claimed, so she and her team got round two underway in short order for “always needed” gifts to Children’s Home of Easton and Valley Youth House. “The response was so amazing, we took on round three, serving dozens more kids through Operation Santa. To see us go from a vision to execution was truly beautiful,” Blevins said.

Knowing that gifts take different forms, HNL Lab Medicine staff set aside time to share information with young volunteers helping onsite about the company’s paid education and employment offerings, including its tuition-free phlebotomy school and related career paths. Complementing the physical gifts provided to the community, the initiative shed light on potential opportunities to work in the medical field.

While the angel tree drive has concluded for this year, Blevins said it’s always the right time to share. She offers advice from her years of volunteering:

  • Giving doesn’t have to cost you in a financial sense. Sometimes we are not able to give in the sense of money but we can give with our skills. Maybe you are a great organizer, consider putting something together in your community and asking others to participate.

  • Maybe you decide to donate your time to an organization you are passionate about. It could be that you choose to read to a child’s classroom.

  • We all have something that we can offer to the world to make it a little bit brighter, not just during the holidays but all year long. Check in your community and see what ways you can make an impact.

“Whatever way you choose to give, just do it from the heart,” Blevins emphasized.