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September 12, 2023

Lab Tests for Healthy Aging

Curious about staying youthful? The secret is a healthy lifestyle. It is never too late to get started!

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September 01, 2023

Celebrating Compassion and Collaboration: HNL Lab Medicine and NCC’s Back-to-School Pantry Drive

In a heartwarming display of unity and generosity, HNL Lab Medicine is thrilled to share the exciting news of its partnership with Northampton Community College (NCC) for a remarkable Back-to-School Pantry Drive.

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August 28, 2023

Martin K. Till Featured on Health Care Power List

Martin K. Till, President and CEO of HNL Lab Medicine, has been named a top leader on Lehigh Valley Business’ Health Care Power List.  

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August 16, 2023

Why Blood Tests Are Important for Children: Top Tests Explained

Blood tests are diagnostic tools that help pediatricians assess your child’s health. 

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July 28, 2023

Hepatitis & The Different Types of Viral Infections

Did you know that viral hepatitis is a group of liver infections caused by different viruses? It is also characterized by inflammation of the liver. What does the liver do, you ask?
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News and Stories

September 10, 2022

Are you tired of stuffy waiting rooms? So are we! HNL Lab Medicine is excited to announce our brand-new renovation project. Our HNL Patient Service Centers (PSCs) are undergoing a redesign! In addition to a contemporary design, patients can look forward to enhanced security measures and quicker, more efficient service. With over 60 locations, the redesign will ensure consistent, high-quality facilities across all service areas.  

“The redesign has created a brighter, cleaner space which overall has composed a friendlier and more inviting environment,” said Jenna Schall, Phlebotomy Supervisor for HNL Lab Medicine. “We have received many compliments over the Patient Service Centers that have gone through the redesign so far.” Some of the renovations include fresh paint, a blue accent wall, and new flooring. The addition of smart TVs in all waiting rooms allows patients to stay up to date with opportunities and news from HNL Lab Medicine. Patients can also expect clearer, easier-to-read signage throughout the centers, which provides a smoother, more convenient check-in process.  

“With the redesign, patients can expect a fresh, crisp, and modern standardized look throughout our PSCs. No matter which location a patient visits, the moment they walk through the doors, they know that they are at an HNL Lab Medicine Patient Service Center. Everything from the paint on the walls to the flooring is being refreshed and standardized across all sites.” The renovations include brand-new waiting room furniture for a more comfortable visit. Patients can also view our newly featured artwork created by the children’s “Health Care Hero” contest winners. 

Several Patient Service Centers will be expanded to include additional service rooms, further expediting visits for patients. Jenna Schall also highlighted the increased security and privacy measures implemented during the redesign. “We are creating a safer space for both employees and patients with the installation of new badge access security doors.” Along with security doors in all facilities, draw rooms will now have doors and privacy walls to ensure all locations adhere to HNL Lab Medicine’s commitment to patient privacy.  

The redesign has already concluded at over ten locations including LVHN Health Centers at Frackville, Easton, and Palmer Township. The renovations take four days to complete, with two of those days spanning over the weekend to minimize inconvenience. Each renovation is scheduled to begin on Wednesday with PSCs reopening on Monday morning. Though centers will be closed during renovations, nearby PSCs are prepared to act as alternatives throughout the redesign.  

The redesign will take place at several centers over the next few months, including:  

Allentown - Hausman Rd 

Bethlehem - Schoenersville Rd  

Emmaus - LVHN Health Center 

Fogelsville - LVHN Health Center 

Hamburg - LVHN Health Center  

Hellertown - LVHN Health Center   

Jermyn - Wright Center  

Lehighton - Mahoning St 

Moselem Springs - LVHN Health Center  

Northampton - Franklin St  

Pottsville - Red Horse Rd  

Schnecksville - Route 873  

Wind Gap - Jacobsburg Road   

HNL Lab Medicine is committed to providing convenient, high-quality patient care. Standardized layouts and increased capacity will result in quick, efficient visits. The redesigns are intended to better-serve patients in a comfortable, modern setting. With updated interior, enhanced security, and increased privacy, patients can look forward to excellent service. Visit HNL Lab Medicine to see our exciting renovations and to enjoy a superior patient experience.