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Ordering Instructions

To order a genomics test from HNL Lab Medicine’s genomics division, please view the directions below.

All tests must be ordered by a physician and all results will be sent to the ordering physician. HNL Genomics does not provide direct-to-consumer testing.


Ordering Instructions

Expand each section for additional instructions and resources to make your ordering process as seamless as possible.

      • Select the appropriate requisition form for the testing you'd like to conduct:

    Full Menu: Inherited Genetics Test Requisition Form

    NIPS and Carrier Screening Requisition Form

    Cytogenetics and Molecular Oncology Test Requisition Form

      • Download the appropriate test requisition form to your desktop.
      • Complete the form electronically and print OR print and complete manually.
  1. Follow specimen requirement instructions based on the specimen you're sending.

    View Specimen Requirements

  2. View the shipping page for detailed instructions about how and where to send your specimen. Note that the shipping location may vary depending on which test you're ordering. Reference the requisition form associated with your test for the correct shipping location or visit our shipping page for more details.

    View Shipping Page

  3. Results will be both faxed and mailed using the contact information provided on the requisition form.

Requisition Forms

Inherited Genetics Test Requisition Form - Full Menu 
Noninvasive Prenatal and Carrier Screening Requisition Form
Cytogenetics and Molecular Oncology Requisition Form

What's an Add-On Test?

An "add-on test" is a request to add an additional test to a previously tested patient specimen. To order an add-on test, follow the above ordering instructions.

Epic Orderable Tests

For providers that HNL Lab Medicine is integrated with, many of our genomics tests can be made available in Epic or your respective EMR. If you’d like to discuss integration into your EMR, contact us.

Inherited Genetic Variant Testing

Learn more about our inherited genomics variant interpretation process.

Variant Interpretation

contact-form-img Contact Us HNL Genomics' experts are available by email and telephone to provide timely consultation with physicians and genetic counselors. 
Genomics Phone
Genomics Phone