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About HNL Genomics

With HNL Genomics, you can expect the best. Not only do we provide excellent turnaround times, but our expanded offerings ensure we remain a competitive diagnostics laboratory with innovative capabilities. 

HNL Genomics is comprised of three divisions: Inherited Genetics, Cytogenetics, and Molecular Diagnostics, that offer cutting-edge genomic testing and provides real answers to aid in the development of specialized treatment plans for your patients.

Operating with a patient-first mindset, our genomics team ensures high-quality results you can trust, at a speed that will enable your patients to start treatment sooner. 

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Inherited Genetics

The Inherited Genetics division focuses on genetically- inherited disorders. A diagnosis of an inherited genetic disorder provides information on recurrence risk (in future generations) and allows for testing of family members. Click below to learn about the methods, technology and specialties of our Inherited Genetics team.

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Molecular Oncology:

Our Molecular Oncology division uses molecular testing to identify the genetic abnormalities that drive cancer and allows for targeted therapy and a better understanding of the patient's prognosis.

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HNL Lab Medicine’s Cytogenetics Lab performs the cytogenetics, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and chromosome microarray testing using the most advanced technologies. Chromosome, and FISH testing helps identify the diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of the treatment for oncologic malignancies.

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Our Specialties 

  • Oncology 
  • Prenatal
  • Cardiology
  • Inherited Genetics 

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Why Partner with HNL Genomics?

Internationally Recognized Leader

in the molecular biology of connective tissue disorders

Best-in-Industry Turnaround Times

for molecular oncology and inherited genetic disorders

Extensive experience and superior data sets

are leveraged to provide a precise analysis and interpretation of test results

Ahead of the Curve

utilizing the most advanced technologies including NGS, chromosome microarray, and MetaSystems for more reliable and accurate results.

Patient-First Guarantee

ensures the fastest TAT for results with the highest-quality standards

True Partnership with Our Clients

enables customized testing and reporting to meet your patients’ needs


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