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Billing FAQs

HNL Lab Medicine is a Medicare participant and accepts Medicare assignment. You will be billed only for the co-payment requirement and/or deductibles as required by federal law. This also applies to genomics testing.

To determine if HNL Lab Medicine works with your insurance provider, please view our Participating Insurance Plans page for additional information. For specific information, we suggest you contact your insurance provider. 

There are several convenient ways to pay your bill:

  • For doctor-ordered lab tests:
    • Log in to your patient portal and click Pay Bills on your portal dashboard or on Pay My Bills in the menu on the left. This will take you to the Billing Portal. You can log in in using your account number or patient ID. This information can be found on your invoice.
    • Make a payment over the phone. You can also contact one of our billing representatives who will be happy to help you. Please call 877-402-4221, between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday-Friday to speak to a representative.
    • Mail your payment to:
      • HNL Lab Medicine
      • PO BOX 789581
      • Philadelphia, PA 19178-9581
    • Please use the pre-addressed return envelope included with your invoice.
  • For HNL Lab Tests Direct: Users will pay at the time of order with a credit card or via PayPal.

Please visit our billing page for additional information about billing, or feel free to call our billing team at 877-402-4221.

Our billing team is happy to help. Contact them by calling 877-402-4221.

Please visit Payment Options page under billing and insurance for details.

Prior Authorization, also known as a pre-authorization or pre-certification, is a clause in the health insurance policy that says the patient must get permission from their health insurance company before they receive certain health care services which includes specialized laboratory testing. This process was developed to help ordering health care professionals, laboratories, and their patients receive a quicker coverage determination by giving them information: 

  • If a member’s benefit plan requires prior authorization. 
  • When additional clinical information is required to make a coverage decision. 
  • Whether the request meets third party’s clinical and coverage policy criteria.

Since we are unable to access your individual insurance plan details, you'll need to contact your insurance for more information regarding EOB questions.

Please submit a Contact Us form and provide the updated information in the appropriate field. The billing account number, name of patient, name of insurance, contact information, name of subscriber, and subscriber ID group number can be found on the back of your insurance card.

In order to find out details about why your insurance didn't cover a specific bill, please contact your insurance provider for more information related to your benefit plan.

Since your account has been transferred, please contact the collection agency directly at this time.

Please contact Customer Support at 1-877-402-4221.

This bill is for laboratory services performed by HNL Lab Medicine. The balance could be due to: a deductible or copay; services not covered by your insurance provider; missing insurance information.

It is possible the payment was not received before the statement was generated. If you feel you have received this bill after payment was made, please contact us to verify at 1-877-402-4221.

Customer Support FAQs

You can reach the compliance department by calling Customer Care at 1-877-402-4221. You can also report concerns anonymously through our ethics reporting form linked below.

Ethics Reporting

Please visit our locations page to find the Patient Service Center closest to you. 

When you use Health Network Laboratories (HNL Lab Medicine) you have two options for receiving lab results.

  • You may contact your physician.
  • Log into your patient portal.
    • Your patient portal is a secured site that allows you to view your test results as they become available.

Our goal at HNL Lab Medicine is to provide you the most convenient, accessible, and affordable lab testing.

Health Network Laboratories

PO BOX 789581

Philadelphia, PA 19178-9581

No! Walk-ins are welcome and wait time is typically 15 minutes or less.

You can reach the compliance department by calling Customer Care at 1-877-402-4221. 

You can also report concerns anonymously through our Ethics Reporting form linked below. 

Ethics Reporting

Genomics FAQs

HNL Genomics (CTGT) does not provide consultation or genetic counseling services. If you are a patient interested in genetic testing, this is a decision best made between you and your doctor or genetic counselor. If you are unable to find a genetic counselor, the Find a Genetic Counselor tool provided by NSGC can help you locate a genetic counselor who offers services in your area, or via telehealth.

Any physician can order genetic testing including geneticists, cardiologists, OBGYNs, primary care providers, etc. However, your physician may not feel comfortable ordering genetic testing and may refer you to a specialized genetics doctor or genetic counselor who can help determine if you are a candidate for genetic testing.

All tests must be ordered by a physician and all results will be sent to the ordering physician. HNL Genomics does not provide Direct-to-Consumer testing.

HNL Genomics does not provide medical advice to patients. While we are always happy to explain our testing process, the best person to help you choose the right test for you is your doctor or genetic counselor. 

Monday-Friday 8am- 5pm

*excluding holidays

A completed test requisition form must accompany each specimen. Additionally, if you would like HNL Genomics to perform a benefits investigation for the patient’s insurance, please include our prior authorization packet. Incomplete paperwork can lead to a delay in testing.