Billing and insurance

Payment Options

Financial Assistance

If you have insurance coverage that falls outside of our network, or if you are uninsured or have limited insurance coverage, our HNL Billing team is here to assist you and tailor our approach to your specific situation.

Self-Pay at a Patient Service Center

For patients who do not have health insurance or who choose not to use their health insurance to pay for testing (with the exception of Medicare and Medicaid), HNL Lab Medicine offers a self-pay option. 

Patients visiting one of HNL Lab Medicine’s Patient Service Centers may elect to pay for tests using a credit card, money order, or bank check. Patients in the United States may also pay by personal check. Payments must be submitted at the time of service. 

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Reflex Testing

Depending on the results of testing, a reflex test may be necessary, which could result in added costs billed to you at a later date. Reflex tests refer to the additional testing which occurs when initial test results are positive or outside of normal parameters and indicate that a second-related test (second-level) is medically appropriate. 

To learn about our self-pay options for genomics, visit our Billing Investigation and Prior Authorization page.

To set up a payment plan, enroll in our patient portal or contact customer care at 877-402-4221. 

HNL Lab Medicine participates with 50+ major insurance company plans and over 300 plan types.