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What is COVID-19?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. HNL Lab Medicine offers asymptomatic testing for COVID-19 at several of our Patient Service Centers. For additional details about the prevention and spread of COVID-19, visit the World Health Organization Website. 

COVID-19 Testing Process

If you're experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, talk to your primary provider. If your provider would like you to get tested, please visit the facilities designated for symptomatic testing. Click below for a list of Lehigh Valley Health Network Symptomatic testing sites. 

Reminder: HNL Lab Medicine Patient Service Centers can only test asymptomatic patients. For a list of symptomatic testing facilities, please click the blue bar below.

Symptomatic Testing Sites

If you’re looking for a COVID-19 testing facility and are not experiencing symptoms, several of HNL Lab Medicine’s Patient Service Centers can accommodate you. Whether you’d like to be tested because of known exposure to someone with COVID-19 or to meet travel requirements, click below for a list of our asymptomatic testing sites. 

Please be aware that testing at these facilities still requires a prescription from your physician. To order a PCR COVID-19 test without a prescription from your doctor, you can utilize our HNL Lab Test Direct website. 

Reminder: HNL Lab Medicine's Patient Service Centers can only accommodate patients without symptoms. For symptomatic testing sites, click here

Our HNL Lab Tests Direct service offers direct-to-consumer testing that enables patients to order the test from the comfort of their home, and head straight to an HNL Lab Medicine Patient Service Center to get their testing completed. For COVID-19, we have two direct-to-consumer options.

COVID-19 PCR Testing *for asymptomatic patients

The COVID-19 PCR test is used to detect an active infection with SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. PCR tests work by looking for the virus’s genetic material in a test sample, most commonly taken by swabbing the nose or throat. Molecular PCR tests analyzed by a laboratory are considered the most accurate method of diagnosing COVID- 19.

COVID-19 PCR Testing

COVID-19 PCR Testing: The Gold Standard

People often wonder why PCR testing is required by some schools, jobs, or airlines. PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction. PCR testing has higher accuracy rates for virus detection than antigen testing. Learn about the process of COVID-19 PCR testing and why it’s considered the gold standard for detecting COVID-19.

COVID-19 PCR Testing Process 

COVID-19 Billing 

The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency ended May 11, 2023. Please verify with your insurance on what is covered.

COVID-19 Resources

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