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Digital Pathology Services

Coming Soon to HNL Lab Medicine: Digital Pathology

Our innovative digital pathology services seamlessly integrate digital infrastructure to unlock new clinical, research, and educational opportunities. By adopting advanced digital workflows for patient care, we are able to streamline labor-intensive processes, expand access to HNL Lab Medicine pathology specialists, and cultivate a comprehensive digital knowledge repository, providing unparalleled datasets for algorithmic and machine learning solutions. 

Our Technology

HNL Lab Medicine's Digital Pathology platform combines solutions from Proscia, a digital pathology software company, and Leica Biosystems, a manufacturer of high-quality imaging hardware, to establish an advanced digital pathology practice.  

Proscia’s Concentriq Dx

Proscia aligns with HNL Lab Medicine’s vision for innovation and efficiency, driving routine workflows, streamlining collaboration and is designed to realize the promise of pathology’s AI-powered future. 

Leica Biosystems’

Leica’s high image quality, demonstrated ability to handle large volumes, and innovative high throughput scanner hardware, will enable HNL Lab Medicine’s pathologists to get to the correct diagnosis more efficiently, benefiting both patients and healthcare providers.


Our Workflow

By employing high-throughput, automated digital pathology scanners, it becomes feasible to capture a complete glass slide, while maintaining a magnification level akin to that of a traditional microscope. These digital slides can be readily distributed across networks through dedicated digital pathology software applications. Additionally, automated image analysis tools can be harnessed to aid in the understanding and measurement of biomarker expression within tissue sections.

Benefits of Digital Pathology

Multidisciplinary & Remote Collaboration

The remote aspect of digital pathology enables a diverse team of medical experts to collectively analyze patient data and share insights, facilitating a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment planning. Pathologists across geographic boundaries can collaborate and consult with peers worldwide in real-time, enabling expert input on complex cases and expanding access to specialized knowledge.

Archival and Retrieval Capabilities

Digital pathology systems offer efficient long-term storage and retrieval of patient data, ensuring historical records are readily accessible for reference and research. Digital slides eliminate the risk of physical slide damage or loss, preserving valuable patient samples and data.

Comprehensive Digital Knowledge Repository

Digital pathology builds a centralized repository of cases and images, fostering knowledge sharing, research, and education within the field. This enables pathologists to access high-resolution images and advanced analysis tools, improving accuracy in disease diagnosis and reducing the risk of human error.

Faster Turnaround Times

With digital access to slides and data, pathology reports can be generated and shared more quickly, leading to faster patient diagnoses and treatment decisions. Pathologists can make real-time updates and annotations to the digital slides, facilitating immediate communication of critical findings and enabling swift adjustments to treatment plans when necessary.

Quality Assurance and Standardization

Digital systems enable standardization of image acquisition and analysis, ensuring consistent and high-quality results in pathology practice. They also provide detailed audit trails, ensuring traceability and accountability for each step of the diagnostic process, which is essential for quality control and compliance with regulatory standards.

Efficient Workflow Management

Digital systems streamline the pathologist’s workflow by automating tasks, managing cases, and facilitating seamless communication within the laboratory. The ability to integrate with other laboratory information systems (LIS) and electronic health records (EHR), further streamlines the workflow by reducing data entry errors and ensuring a seamless exchange of patient information.


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