May 25, 2023

HNL Lab Medicine Now Accepting Ambetter Insurance

Allentown, Pa., May 25, 2023— HNL Lab Medicine has partnered with Ambetter from PA Health & Wellness to improve access and affordability of healthcare for Ambetter insurance plan members at any HNL Lab Medicine location.

As part of this partnership, HNL Lab Medicine is now an in-network provider with Ambetter, enabling individuals in all regions served by HNL Lab Medicine to enjoy greater access to high-quality healthcare services. This collaboration ensures that Ambetter plan members can easily receive the care they need while benefiting from the services offered by HNL Lab Medicine.

At HNL Lab Medicine, our steadfast commitment lies in expanding access to superior lab services for individuals throughout our region. With this collaboration alongside Ambetter, we have made significant strides towards ensuring that care is not only accessible but also more cost-effective,” said Martin K. Till, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

“This agreement benefits patients across our region who were previously unable to receive care at HNL Lab Medicine facilities. It provides them with the chance to take advantage of the exceptional healthcare services available at any of our locations.”

The HNL Lab Medicine agreement with Ambetter is effective immediately. Ambetter from PA Health & Wellness is Centene Corporation’s Health Insurance Marketplace product in Pennsylvania.