Requisition Forms

1. Complete the Appropriate Requisition Form
2. Specimen Requirements
3. Ship Order to HNL Lab Medicine: Genomics Division
  • View the shipping page for detailed instructions. Note that the shipping location may vary depending on which test you're ordering. 
    Reference the requisition form associated with your testing for shipping location.
4. Receive Results
  • Results will be both faxed and mailed using the contact information provided on the requisition form.

Add-On Test

An "add-on test" is a request to add an additional test to a previously tested patient specimen. To order an add-on test, follow the above ordering instructions.

Epic Orderable Tests

For providers that HNL Lab Medicine is integrated with, many of our genomics tests can be made available in Epic or your respective EMR. 
If you’d like to discuss integration into your EMR, contact us.

Questions about test ordering?