June 03, 2024

Drawing Compassion: Stories from Phlebotomists at HNL Lab Medicine

HNL Lab Medicine Phlebotomists Share Their Stories

Phlebotomists are the link between patients and laboratory diagnostics. Their careful collection of samples ensures the accuracy of lab tests, which is the first step in helping doctors diagnose diseases, keep track of treatments, and take care of patients.

HNL Lab Medicine is at the forefront of diagnostic medicine, offering a comprehensive range of laboratory testing services that would not be possible without our compassionate, skilled phlebotomists. So, what is it like to be a phlebotomist at HNL Lab Medicine?Divian Zamora


Career Journey

Each phlebotomist’s unique journey and tenure highlight their dedication to their craft and their contributions to HNL Lab Medicine’s commitment to excellence.

Some phlebotomists, like Divian Zamora, boast a decade-long tenure, showcasing a wealth of experience and expertise in the field. HNL Lab Medicine often becomes the sole workplace for many individuals, owing to the high levels of job satisfaction and stability we offer.

Tami Wassum, for example, brings four years of experience here and expresses genuine enjoyment for her career in phlebotomy, reflecting a deep sense of fulfillment in her role. Meanwhile, our newer phlebotomists have found success through our School of Phlebotomy.

Vinnie Steiner, with two years, two months, and eighteen days under his belt (though he humorously points out he’s not counting), joined HNL Lab Medicine as a phlebotomist in 2022 after completing the HNL School of Phlebotomy program earlier that year.

Victoria Collins embarked on her journey with the School of Phlebotomy as well, completing her training and transitioning to her first job as a phlebotomist shortly after.

Vinnie Steiner

Patient-Centric Approach

Phlebotomists play a crucial role in healthcare by directly assisting patients. If you have a strong desire to help others and make a positive impact on people’s lives, being a phlebotomist can be very fulfilling.

Patient care depends on the results of laboratory testing, and, for many patients, phlebotomists are the first step to accessing care. Vinnie comments, “We understand how important the testing we do is to the patients and their doctors because they are used to make medical decisions. A patient’s care may be on hold until the test results are received and examined by their provider.”

It is critical that specimens are collected efficiently and processed as quickly as possible to give patients the answers they need. Vinnie adds, “Our couriers are picking up specimens at all of our many locations multiple times per day to return them to the lab for testing. Our core lab works hard at processing these samples in an efficient manner 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to ensure the absolute best turnaround time.”

 Tami Wassum Moreover, Victoria highlights HNL Lab Medicine’s focus on patient comfort, with phlebotomists trained to create a welcoming environment. This is crucial in alleviating the stress often associated with blood draws. Phlebotomists have the opportunity and responsibility to create a positive experience for patients who might be anxious or not feeling well.


Support and Development

At HNL Lab Medicine, we are committed to supporting phlebotomists through initiatives like our “Phlebotomy Task Force,” which provides a platform for open communication and idea-sharing among staff members. Tami highlights the trust and confidence instilled through such initiatives, which foster a sense of unity and purpose among team members.

For Victoria, HNL Lab Medicine’s proactive approach to updating policies and practices align with the evolving needs of Patient Service Centers. She says, “We are able to not only provide an excellent patient experience, but our policies also make it possible for phlebotomists to enjoy their jobs.”

For Divian, support is demonstrated through attentive listening and fostering a sense of belonging within the team. By recognizing and addressing the needs of our phlebotomists, each team member feels valued.Victoria

Vinnie echoes this sentiment, highlighting the culture at HNL Lab Medicine. He says, “I like to think that we are not employees but rather we are a family. The work we do here is work that only fellow phlebotomists and lab workers can truly understand.”

Workplace Satisfaction

The role of a phlebotomist is more than just sample collection; it embodies a commitment to patient well-being and healthcare excellence. From ensuring accurate diagnoses to fostering a compassionate patient experience, phlebotomists make an impact on countless lives each day.

HNL Lab Medicine is proud to be a workplace that supports and recognizes our phlebotomists for the critical work they perform. HNL Lab Medicine’s School of Phlebotomy can be an excellent support for those looking to transition into this rewarding, stable career! For more information, visit our School of Phlebotomy webpage.