May 28, 2024

HNL Lab Medicine Lehigh Valley Leader in Genomics

HNL Lab Medicine Leading Genomics Innovations in the Lehigh Valley

In the heart of the Lehigh Valley, HNL Lab Medicine stands as a leader of innovation and excellence in genomics. Beyond our cutting-edge technology or expertise, our most important commitment is being a local laboratory that you can trust. Choosing a local lab like HNL Lab Medicine has benefits that extend to the greater community and it can transform your healthcare experience.


Swift Turnaround Time

When it comes to healthcare, time is critical and every moment counts. By harnessing the power of local testing, HNL Lab Medicine offers best-in-industry turnaround times. With no need to ship samples across the country, patients receive results faster, enabling prompt diagnosis and treatment. We offer the testing power of a big city laboratory right here at home—without the long wait times.


Enhanced Specimen Integrity

When samples don’t have to endure long journeys, their integrity remains intact. Don’t risk your samples getting lost or damaged during the shipping process. Local testing means better specimen integrity, ensuring that results are accurate and reliable. This commitment to quality sets the foundation for effective healthcare interventions.


Clinically Relevant Genomics Testing

At HNL Lab Medicine, genomics testing isn’t just about data—it’s about actionable insights. Our genomics testing is clinically relevant, providing answers that solve real health problems. Whether it’s screening for genetic diseases in prenatal medicine or analyzing tumor samples in cancer diagnostics, our tests directly impact patient care. With clinically relevant information at hand, physicians can make informed decisions and tailor treatment plans to your individual needs.


Local Collaboration and Guidance

HNL Lab Medicine fosters close relationships with local physicians and healthcare specialists, offering guidance and insights that enhance patient care. By working hand-in-hand with the medical community, we ensure that healthcare decisions are well-informed and patient-centric. We build our test offerings based on community healthcare needs, to ensure we have the genomics testing options that matter most.


Community Impact

Choosing a local laboratory like HNL Lab Medicine goes beyond personal health. It’s about investing in the community. By providing local jobs and partnering with universities, we contribute to the region’s economic growth and educational opportunities. Moreover, our commitment to philanthropy, including donations to organizations like United Way and hosting events like the Annual Children’s Art Contest, strengthens the fabric of the community.


Reinvestment in Local Care

HNL Lab Medicine doesn’t just serve the community; we reinvest in it. By channeling resources into infrastructure improvements and partnerships with local hospital systems, we bolster the region’s healthcare capabilities. This reinvestment translates into tangible benefits for residents, ensuring that local care is continuously improved and accessible to all.


Choose HNL Lab Medicine

Choosing a local laboratory like HNL Lab Medicine isn’t just a healthcare decision—it’s a commitment to community excellence. With our focus on innovation, quality, and giving back, we are redefining what it means to provide healthcare services that truly make a difference, one sample at a time. To learn more, check out HNL Genomics.