December 05, 2023

Announcing the Upcoming Opening of HNL Lab Medicine's New Patient Service Center in Macungie

HNL Lab Medicine is pleased to announce the addition of our latest Patient Service Center (PSC) in Macungie. Strategically located at 3371 Route 100, Macungie, PA 18062, this center is specifically designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

The newly opened PSC is characterized by its contemporary facilities, upgraded design, and advanced medical equipment, reflecting our commitment to providing a seamless and superior healthcare environment for all patients.

In alignment with our existing pediatric specialty laboratory services, the Macungie – LVHN Health Center will be staffed by professionals who have undergone specialized training and certification programs. This ensures their ability to address the unique needs of pediatric patients while providing a safe, relaxing atmosphere to make lab work as comfortable as possible. The facility will also feature dedicated pediatric phlebotomy rooms, reinforcing our commitment to optimizing comfort for pediatric patients.

As part of our commitment to accessibility and convenience, appointments will not be required at the Macungie – LVHN Health Center. Additionally, patients will be able to streamline their lab work with our hassle-free online check-in and payment options, mirroring the quality and convenience provided across other HNL Lab Medicine PSCs.

This development marks a significant step in our ongoing dedication to delivering exceptional healthcare experiences. HNL Lab Medicine remains steadfast in our mission to combine cutting-edge care with patient-centric services. Take advantage of the opening of our Macungie location or use our locator to find a PSC near you.