June 18, 2024

Announcing the Winners: Children’s Art Contest!

Children’s Art Contest Winners Revealed!

We are delighted to announce the winners of our Annual Children’s Art Contest! This year’s theme was “Microscopy.” Entrants were invited to envision what could be found looking through a microscope, merging elements of scientific exploration with artistic expression.

The contest, aimed at encouraging young minds to explore the world of science and art, received an enthusiastic response from the community!

We faced the challenging task of selecting the winners among the many exceptional submissions. After careful consideration, the following talented artists emerged victorious:
  • Most Expressive: Dominic Rodriguez Cruceta, Kindergarten; Jayden Torres, Grade 3; Ayesha Patel, Grade 8.
  • Most Realistic: Miyalah Moore, Grade 1; Ayush Patel, Grade 3; Yenali Chai, Grade 6.
  • Most Creative: Remy Laws, Grade 1; Joel Labour, Grade 4; Maurice Howard, Grade 6.
HNL LAB MEDICINE Annual Artwork Contest View the winners

These remarkable young artists will be rewarded for their exceptional talent and effort. Each winner will receive an age-appropriate microscope kit. The kit includes a microscope, slides, and the necessary tools to start these young lab scientists on their journey of discovery.

To celebrate their artistic talents, the artwork of the winners will be prominently displayed in HNL Lab Medicine Patient Service Centers across the region. Patients, visitors, and members of the community will have the ability to admire the imaginative designs while receiving their laboratory services.

“The children’s art contest is one of our most cherished annual events,” said Jessica Bargilione, Vice President of Marketing. “It brings joy and a sense of community to our Patient Service Centers, allowing everyone to appreciate the amazing creativity of these young artists. Congratulations to this year’s winners and a sincere thank you to all participants!”

The children’s art contest is an annual community event and children grades K-8 are invited to participate. By fostering a love for art and science, we aim to inspire the next generation of innovators and thinkers. Congratulations to our winners, and many thanks to all of our talented participants!