May 22, 2024

Workplace Impact of Medical Marijuana

Managing the Impact of Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

Onsite job safety is a growing concern with medical marijuana card holders in industries such as transportation, manufacturing, warehousing, and construction.

Employers have substantial liabilities with all work that is categorized as life-threatening or a risk to health and safety, such as work performed at a public utility. This also includes all work that involves high voltage electricity, certain chemicals, confined spaces, or heights.


The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act and Implications for The Workplace

Federal OSHA guidelines and Medical Marijuana Act in PA regulations require testing for onsite employees to be under 10 ng/mL in serum/blood.

In addition to THC testing for compliance purposes, employers in these fields should also consider implementing a more comprehensive drug testing policy to limit the liabilities and risks associated with workplace accidents.


Medical Marijuana Cardholders

Although ADA law is also in place to protect medical marijuana cardholders, it's imperative that companies take the necessary steps to protect the interests of its employees and the business by ensuring medical marijuana users are within the safety limits of Medical Marijuana Act during necessary high risk job functions.

Liabilities and risks are the responsibility of the employer’s policy and procedures. Through our testing services, employers have the opportunity to mitigate various liabilities and risks, including the financial and reputational risks of lawsuits and insurance claims as a result of workplace injuries or accidents.


Necessity of Serum THC Testing

Moreover, our testing aids in preserving business continuity by averting the loss of both existing and prospective clientele or business partners. Furthermore, it helps prevent potential catastrophic outcomes that could impact production and public safety, ensuring a secure and sustainable work environment.

Serum THC testing is essential for employers to maintain workplace safety, compliance with regulations, and mitigate potential liabilities associated with impairment, ensuring a secure and productive work environment.


Choose HNL Lab Medicine

The Toxicology department at HNL Lab Medicine helps businesses that have potentially hazardous job functions mitigate financial and reputational risks that can negatively impact business.

We provide many additional products to address your needs such as pre-employment, random, post-accident, and reasonable cause drug testing that can ensure compliance with both Federal OSHA guidelines and the Medical Marijuana Act in PA.

HNL Lab Tests Direct offers a variety of drug screening options that can be ordered through our platform, testing can be done at any HNL Lab Medicine Patient Service Center.

Contract with HNL Lab Medicine to maintain legal compliance and prevent or mitigate the associated risks to your business. Contact us at 1-877-402-4221 to discuss how we can assist you.