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Inherited Genetics

The Inherited Genetics division of HNL Genomics provides testing that enables providers to develop personalized treatment plans, identify recurrence risk for future generations, and evaluate the risk to other family members for a specific disease.

With a special focus on rare disease, prenatal testing, and cardiology testing, our advanced analytical technology paired with our team of board-certified experts ensures clear and actionable results with superior customer service and rapid turnaround times.

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Common Inherited Genetic Tests

Next Generation Sequencing and Copy Number Variation Analysis Diagnostic Gene Panels 
  • Turnaround Time - 2-4 weeks

Non-invasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS)
Sanger Sequencing for Familial/Targeted Variants 
  • Turnaround Time - 1-2 weeks

Targeted Variant Analysis and Variance of Uncertain Significance Resolution (VUS)

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Carrier Screening

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